As a Painter I create images inspired by the graphic language of spectacular culture, that convey the feeling of the world we live in while proposing a Counter-Spectacle to the grim news reel reality of everyday life; a visual world defined by the karmic magic of the universe and not the finite limitations of reality, a spectacle based on the ideas of culturally revolutionary activity, fun, imagination and inspiration. My images intrude on one another in a visual mega-mix of popular culture symbols and ideas, clashing in a way that places them in a new more appropriate context.

In addition to being a Painter I am also an Installation Artist, often using sculpture, print, light and sound to compliment the 3-D (with glasses) paintings. This creates an interactive environment for the viewer similar to the visual playground inside the paintings, and transforms the exhibition into an experience.

Part of my own inspiration and imagery is drawn from the objects of the everyday, things I save, and recycle into sculpture or new imagery, treating each element as I would an image in a painting to construct something new yet familiar, with a different meaning and purpose.

All Images © 2003-2018 Quinn Corey