21 Rooms At The Nevada Motel

21 Rooms At The Nevada Motel, Maine, 2011.

The Nevada Motel
The Nevada Motel, Calm before the show
photo: M Winters
Dallas based Artists Marianne Newsom and Sunny Sliger in the same costumes they dressed the Nevada Motel in.
Standing room only at Camp Nevada
Tyvek wrapped room by Carly Glovinski
Julie Poitras Santos in her performance on the deck of the Nevada
Abbie Ozanich was the post-master of the Nevada with her installation “Flight Patterns” a post office for the night. photo:M.Winters
Cynthia McLaughlin in her bird character, as she builds a nest in her multi-media installation.
Bennet Morris doing a live surveillance show with one of his miniature landscapes.
Artist Jess Lauren Lipton in the midst of an endurance performance. photo:M.Winters
One of Bennet Morris’s many surveillance camera projections of miniature landscapes.
Artist Katie Hickman’s Installation brought out the teenage girl in all of us. photo:M. Winters
Collaboration between Brooklyn based Lindsey Wolkowicz and Dillon Paul. photo:M.Winters
Jackie Weaver’s ghostly Video-Installation had everyone wondering How
Brooklyn based Artist Elizabeth Donsky’s room, carefully disheveled. photo: M.Winters
Artist Willa Van Nostrand in Odeon, a collaboration with Artist Shawn Gilheeney
Installation by Bill Cifuni was like a time-machine to the 1950’s
Artist Sarah Baldwin using drawings and tape to build an environment. photo: M. Winters
Many Thanks to the De la Pena Family for being such amazing hosts for this event and for making this experience a success! Thank You so much. photo: M.Winters

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