Random Goodies 1

Wandering Eyes. 12″x9″ oil and enamel on wood. 2012.
Eye Popping. 12″x9″ oil/enamel on wood. 2012
Jeepers Creepers. 9″x12″ oil/enamel on wood. 2012
Crystals I. 6″x9″ oil/enamel on bamboo plywood.2012

Bark At The Moon. 11″x14″ oil/enamel on wood. 2013.
Living In The Future. 24″x15″ oil/enamel on masonnite. 2013.
Come In Peace. 14″x8″ oil/enamel on masonite. 2013.

Oil on Canvas 17"x11" Oil on Panel 17"x13"

Oil on Panel 12″x9″

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